Data Controller

DCON series

AdvanSol DCON series data controller, combined with the AdvanSol module micro controller, achieves module level monitoring and shutdown functions. Two models of data controller products are available for selection to adapt to different models of micro controllers. Innovative integrated design, each data controller can be compatible with controlling up to 100 module micro controllers or 4 photovoltaic strings. The 4G/WiFi Data Controller (DCON) enables free bidirectional communication with the cloud, and can be used in conjunction with AdvanSol's various functional series module micro controllers. It can also be compatible with third-party photovoltaic inverters, achieving visualization and refined management of photovoltaic power plants. The Sunspec Data Controller (DCON-S) provides one-way communication and, when paired with module micro controllers, can achieve module level fast shutdown functionality.

  • 100

    Supporting components
  • 4

    Support string formation
  • PLC

    Communication mode
  • 100

    Supporting components
  • 4

    Support string formation
  • PLC

    Communication mode
    • Support Protocol

      Supports Sunspec/4G/WiFi communication protocol

    • Networking and interoperability

      Realize interconnection and interoperability with Acloud smart cloud platform

    • High adaptability

      Adaptable to third-party string inverters

    • PLC communication

      Power carrier PLC communication, no need for additional communication lines, stable and reliable communication

    • Applicable to v2.5 scheme

      This product is suitable for the Aichang v2.5 solution

communication interface Sunspec 4G/Wi-Fi
Communicate module PLC PLC
Series Rate / 9600BPS(1200-19200BPS Adjustable)
Maximum number of supported module 100 100
Maximum number of supported strings 4 strand 4 strand
source 12V DC 12V DC
power < 7W < 7W
Data collection interval / 5MIN(5-15MIN Adjustable)
Parameter setting method / WEB SERVER/Local serial port debugging
Firmware upgrade method / WEB SERVER/local
Working environment temperature -20℃~65°C -20℃~65°C
cooling Natural cooling Natural cooling
structure size 90MM(l)X54MM(w)X34MM(h) 90MM(l)X54MM(w)X33.7MM(h)
Protection level IP20 IP20