System Stream Controller

SC30-50K series

AdvanSol SC30-50K series system serial current controller mainly realizes the safe and stable conversion of DC power into AC power, while cooperating with the O series module micro controller for system regulation, achieving module level optimized output, and thus keeping the entire photovoltaic system in the optimal power output state. When a fire occurs or maintenance is required, the system series controller will control the output voltage of the front-end series to be within a safe low voltage range.

  • APT-SC30K
  • APT-SC40K
  • APT-SC50K
  • 98.7%

    Maximum efficiency
  • 49500W

    Maximum input power
  • 30000W

    Rated output power
  • 98.8%

    Maximum efficiency
  • 60000W

    Maximum input power
  • 40000W

    Rated output power
  • 98.8%

    Maximum efficiency
  • 65000W

    Maximum input power
  • 50000W

    Rated output power
    • More secure

      The serial flow controller, combined with the O series module microcontroller, achieves module level optimized power output, thereby achieving system wide optimized power output

    • More relaxed

      The installation method of the serial controller is the same as that of traditional string inverters, which is easy and convenient

    • More thorough and refined regulation

      Paired with module microcontroller MRO, achieving a thorough and cost-effective module level micro series inverter solution

    • Industrial and commercial applications

      Perfect fit for small and medium-sized industrial and commercial rooftop photovoltaic projects

    • Applicable to v3.0 solution

      This product is suitable for the Aichang v3.0 solution

parameter APT-SC30K APT-SC40K APT-SC50K

DC input

Maximum string input power 49500W 60000W 65000W
Maximum input voltage 1100V
MPPT voltage 150-1000V
Full load MPPT voltage range 330-900V 430-900V 500-900V
Starting voltage 150/180V
Rated input voltage 620V
Maximum input current 30A
Maximum short-circuit current 45A
MPPT quantity 3 4 4
Number of MPPT strings per route 2 2 2

Communication output

Rated output power 30000W 40000W 50000W
Maximum output current 33000VA 44000VA 55000VA
Rated grid voltage/VAC 380/4003/3LN-PEOR3/3L-PE
Rated grid frequency 50/60Hz
Maximum output current 50A 66.7A 80A
Power factor range 0.8 leading -0.8 lagging
THDI at rated power < 3%


Maximum efficiency 98.7% 98.8% 98.8%
European efficiency 98.3% 98.4% 98.4%

Protection function

Protection against solitary birds integration
DC reverse connection protection integration
Insulation impedance detection integration
Leakage current detection integration
Output overcurrent protection integration
Output short-circuit protection integration
Overvoltage protection DC Level 2, AC Level 3
Surge protection DC secondary, AC secondary

General parameters

size 580MM(l)X435MM(w)X242MM(h)
weight 38KG 40KG 40KG
Display interface LCD&LED 或 LED
DC connection type MC4(D4,SUNCUX,H4 Optional)
Communication connection type Plug and play terminals
communication mode RS485/WIFI/GPRS(Optional)
Heat dissipation method Intelligent fan cooling
Working environment temperature range -25°C-+60°C
relative humidity 0%-100%
The highest altitude 2000M(Over 2000 load shedding)
Protection level IP65
climatic conditions 4K4H
topological structure No transformer
Night self consumption < 1W