Module Micro Controller (Monitoring Shutdown Function Series)

MR Series

The MR Series module micro controller has module level monitoring and quick shutdown functions. Depending on the system design requirements, different product models can be selected, such as "one to one" or "one to two". Meet the safety requirements of NEC 690.12-2014, 2017, and 2020 for photovoltaics in the United States, and provide effective solutions for distributed photovoltaic refined operation and maintenance. The MR Series is used in conjunction with the DCON Series data controller to constantly monitor the voltage, current, and temperature conditions of photovoltaic modules. The data controller summarizes and transmits it to the Acloud cloud platform, achieving real-time monitoring of photovoltaic modules, data statistics, intelligent analysis/operation and maintenance functions. When the system encounters an emergency or automatically identifies a danger, the micro controller disconnects the output of each module through communication or remote operation on the cloud platform, ensuring system security.

  • APT-MC-MR-T1-80
  • APT-MC-MR-T1-120
  • APT-MC-MR-T2
  • 800W

    Input power
  • 20/25A

  • 30s

    Turn off time
  • 1600W

    Input power
  • 20/25A

  • 30s

    Turn off time
  • 1600W

    Input power
  • 20/25A

  • 30s

    Turn off time
    • Faster

      Within 30 seconds, the entire system quickly shuts off at 0V, meeting fire safety requirements and ensuring the safety of personnel and property

    • More reliable

      PLC power carrier communication with high reliability

    • More adaptable

      The module are self powered, without the need for additional power and network lines, and are compatible with third-party string inverters

    • More detailed

      Real time module level monitoring, detailed display of power generation status, and rapid fault localization.

    • Applicable to v2.5 scheme

      This product is suitable for the Aichang v2.5 solution

parameter APT-MC-MR-T1-80 APT-MC-MR-T1-120 APT-MC-MR-T2
Number of connected module 1 1 2


Rated input power 800W 1600W 1600W
input voltage 10-80V 10-120V 10-80V*2
Maximum continuous input current 20A/25A(Optional) 20A/25A(Optional) 20A/25A(Optional)
Maximum short-circuit current 25A/31.2A(Optional) 25A/31.2A(Optional) 25A/31.2A(Optional)


Maximum output voltage 80V 120V 160V
Maximum output current 20A/25A(Optional) 20A/25A(Optional) 20A/25A(Optional)
Bypass output
Output shutdown voltage 0V 0V 0V
Shutdown response time 30S 30S 30S


Communication methods PLC
Communication speed 200K-1M/S self-adaption
Adaptive data controller DCON

Safety certification

security UL1741/CSA C22.2 NO.107.1 / CSA C22.2 No.330
Complies with NEC Code Article 690.12 module level shutdown characteristics (drops to within 30V within 30 seconds)
ROHS Environmental Certification

General parameters

Dimensions (l * w * h) 144*50*16.9(mm) 144*50*16.9(mm) 143*62*19.5(mm)
Weight (including cables) 0.45kg 0.45kg 0.76kg
Input/output terminals MC4/Compatible with MC4/Customized by Customers
Output cable length 1.2M/customer customization
working temperature -40~85℃
Humidity range 0-100%
Protection level IP68
Maximum system voltage 1500V