Module Micro Controller (Optimization Function Series)

O series

AdvanSol O Series modular micro controller has a module level optimization function foundation, and is equipped with module level shutdown, monitoring and other functions to provide a solution for fine-grained system regulation at the module level.

By using the O Series module micro controller in combination with AdvanSol system serial flow controller or third-party traditional series inverters, the output power of each module can be optimized in real time, thereby achieving the optimization of the entire power plant output. The all-new HPLC achieves efficient bidirectional communication without the need for additional wiring, while avoiding the instability of wireless communication, ensuring that the system operates in an efficient and stable state at all times.

  • 700W

    Input power
  • 18/22.5A

  • 30s

    Turn off time
    • Elastic layout design

      Multi directional, fully capable of installation, adjustable string voltage, flexible string length adjustment, and simplified system

    • Improve power generation efficiency

      Fearless of mismatches caused by occlusion, shadows, and inconsistent attenuation, optimizing power generation

    • Smart photovoltaic operation and maintenance

      Paired with real-time module level monitoring, module level IV diagnosis, and fault localization

    • Comprehensive security management

      Can be paired with quick shut-off to ensure safety and meet fire safety requirements

    • Applicable to v2.5/v3.0 solutions

      This product is suitable for both Aichang v2.5 and v3.0 solutions

technical parameter APT-MC-MRO APT-MC-MRO-120
Module level MPPT optimization
Module level fast shutdown
Module level monitoring


Rated input power 700W 1400W
Maximum input voltage 70V 120V
MPPT voltage working range 10-70V 10-120V
Maximum operating current(Imp) 18A(20A) 18A(20A)
Maximum short-circuit current(Isc) 22.5A(25A) 22.5A(25A)
Maximum efficiency 99.5% 99.5%


Maximum output voltage 43V 80V
Maximum output current 18.8A(20.8A) 18.8A(20.8A)
Bypass output
Output shutdown voltage less than 1V less than 2V
Shutdown response time 30s 30s
Weighted efficiency 99.0% 99.0%


Communication methods PLC PLC
Communication speed 200K-1M/s self-adaption 200K-1M/s self-adaption
Adaptive data controller DCON DCON

Safety certification

security UL1741/CSA C22.2 NO.107.1/CSA C22.2 No.330 complies with NEC Code Article 690.12 module level shutdown characteristics (drops to below 30V within 30 seconds)
ROHS Environmental Certification

General parameters

Dimensions (l x w x h) 123.8 X 112 X 27 mm 133.8 X 115 X 37 mm
Weight (including cables) 0.66KG 0.86KG
Input/output terminals MC4/Compatible with MC4/Customized by Customers MC4/Compatible with MC4/Customized by Customers
Output cable length 1.2m/Customer customization 2.4m/Customer customization
working temperature -40~85% -40~85%
Humidity range 0~100% 0~95%
Protection level IP68 IP68
Maximum system voltage 1000V/1500V(Optional) 1000V/1500V(Optional)