The Expert of Solar System Module-level Control

Committed to the refined control of smart solar systems

China's first innovator focusing on module-level control of solar systems

The company mainly concentrates on the micro-string inverters 3.0 with the aim of breaking the monopoly of overseas giants and filling the gap of domestic technology, creating a cost-effective micro-string inverter 3.0 with independent IPR in China.

Devoted to safe, smart and efficient
inverter technology

Internet of Energies: solutions with module-level PV
storage as the mainstay and multi-energy as complement

致力于打造安全 智能 高效的第三代逆变技术
Dr Jian Chen

Dr Jian Chen

Advansol Founder / CEO

Inter-disciplinary expert on new energy technology and business

MBA, Tsinghua University; PhD in PV Engineering, University of New South Wales, Australia

B.S. in Electronic Technology, Nankai University

  • Ph.D. studied under Professor the father of solar energy, Martin Green.  With more than ten years of experience in the new energy industry, he has served as a technical and business executive in the world's leading inverter and power electronics companies.

    Focusing on the field of new energy system control equipment, we have rich experience in domestic and foreign new energy markets.

  • In 2023, AdvanSol Power Technology Co, Ltd was founded to develop China's local third-generation micro-string inverter technology and smart energy Internet.

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