Start bulk delivery! Aichang achieved remarkable results in the first quarter of 2024, with multiple domestic and international projects successfully landing

Start bulk delivery! Aichang achieved remarkable results in the first quarter of 2024, with multiple domestic and international projects successfully landing

As a cutting-edge dark horse in the field of photovoltaic energy, AdvanSol has attracted a lot of attention from domestic and foreign markets since successfully releasing its first series of product matrices at the end of last year. Since the beginning of 2024, a large number of domestic and foreign customers have joined the user group of AdvanSol's products and reached strategic cooperation with AdvanSol.

Throughout the first quarter, we successfully promoted and successfully implemented more than ten projects both domestically and internationally, with a total installed capacity of over 2MW. From different national conditions to different application scenarios, from energy optimization to technological innovation... The component level control solution of AdvanSol has successfully received praise from users both domestically and internationally, marking the official launch of batch delivery by AdvanSol.

Suzhou, Jiangsu

Color steel tiles and cement roofs, achieving perfect delivery in different roof application scenarios

In February 2024, AdvanSol completed the delivery of the entire industrial and commercial rooftop power station project in Suzhou Wuzhong Industrial Park, demonstrating the product's applicability in different rooftop scenarios. This project fully adopts the AdvanSol V3.0 intelligent micro series inverter solution, providing a perfect solution for two application scenarios including color steel tiles and cement roofs. Its total installed capacity reaches 400kWp, achieving efficient utilization of clean energy.

Manila, Philippines

Assist well-known local private hospitals in achieving zero carbon security transformation

In March 2024, AdvanSol successfully provided an advanced V2.5 photovoltaic module level fine control system to a well-known private hospital in Manila, Philippines and successfully implemented it. As a module level fine control expert in photovoltaic power plants, AdvanSol stands out with its ultra-high cost-effectiveness and safe and stable performance. In this project, AdvanSol module micro controllers combined with third-party string inverters provided a complete set of 128kWp solar power plant equipment for hospitals. The AdvanSol micro controller is flexible and compatible with third-party string inverters, providing customers with cost-effective component level control solutions, which has become a highlight of this project.

Bangkok, Thailand

Renovation of old household power stations, strategy for refined regulation and control of the last mile

In March 2024, AdvanSol successfully provided a component level solution upgrade for a rooftop photovoltaic power station in an office building in Bangkok, Thailand. The project has a total installed capacity of 6.08kWp and adopts AdvanSol V2.5 component level control solution. The aim is to upgrade and transform the old power station in Bangkok, Thailand, achieving comprehensive upgrades in system safety, power generation, and convenient operation and maintenance. With the successful implementation of the project, the office building can achieve efficient utilization and precise control of solar energy, thereby minimizing costs and increasing efficiency.

Changzhou, Jiangsu

Collaborate with BIPV embedded photovoltaic technology to create a clean energy model for future intelligent buildings

In February 2024, AdvanSol successfully delivered a government demonstration project in Changzhou, Jiangsu. This project uses novel BIPV color photovoltaic modules to replace conventional roof structures on the roofs of public buildings in the community, achieving a perfect combination of clean energy and architectural aesthetics. It is a key demonstration project for the local government to promote the integration of photovoltaic buildings in the future. In order to make the entire project both aesthetically pleasing and efficient, the project uses the AdvanSol full functional component micro controller MRO model, which has component level monitoring, component level safety, and component level power generation optimization. The successful implementation of this project has set an example for the sustainable development and environmental protection of cities, and also explored new directions for the development of intelligent buildings.

The application of BIPV embedded photovoltaic technology enables photovoltaic panels to be closely integrated with the structure of buildings, providing not only clean energy but also maintaining the aesthetics of buildings, which is the future development direction of energy-saving buildings. However, BIPV projects also face high operation and maintenance costs, power generation losses caused by mismatched components, and serious consequences in the event of safety accidents. The component level regulation solution launched by AdvanSol perfectly solves the pain points of BIPV and solves the worries of users. The combination of BIPV technology and AdvanSol module level regulation technology will undoubtedly open up a broad market for the combined application of photovoltaic buildings.

In addition, the successive deliveries of various types of domestic and foreign projects, such as the Jiangsu 55kWp photovoltaic car roof project and the Shanghai Songjiang Instrument Factory 60kWp industrial and commercial roof project, have provided a large number of demonstration cases for photovoltaic module level regulation.

We look forward to more and more users choosing AdvanSol's cost-effective component level control products and solutions in the future, and working together to make efforts for low-carbon emissions reduction!